• How to repost safely? Read this VIRE Etiquette

    3 simple rules of how to repost content on Instagram

    Using other people's content can get a little hazy, which is why there are some basic rules we'll follow to cover your butt.

    Always give credit

    There's nothing more frustrating than scrolling through Instagram and seeing your content on a page with no credit. Giving credit is the easiest way to cover yourself. Include a line at the end of your post to tag the person who originally created the content you're reposting.

    Don't try to pass content off as your own!

    This is one of the worst moves to pull - how can you expect customers to trust your service or product when you aren't transparent.

    Don't use someone else's content to promote your work

    Never, ever use a user photo for advertising or paid campaigns - unless, again, you have permission or the content was submitted by the user with the knowledge that their content would be used for this purpose.

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